Captain Scott Corwin inducted into Hinsdale South Hall of Fame

CSFThe Corwin family has established the foundation in honor of our brother, son, and comrade, Captain Scott Corwin, West Point class of 1999. As an Army family, we have learned the dedication and sacrifices of the men and women in the military. In that regard, part of the foundation's mission is to help those who are serving, and have served in the past.

Our help will be broad in scope, but we will be focusing on, but not limiting to, integrating those with extraordinary needs and talents back into the American community. We will dedicate ourselves to giving back to those who have given so much for all of us.

Additionally, the Foundation will honor the legacy of Captain Scott Corwin by providing a leadership program for high school athletes. This program will build upon the values of athletes in the areas of scholarship and citizenship, and encourage them to give back a portion of their time to the community at large. The Foundation will offer scholarships to individuals and donate to educational institutions that meet the standards established by the Foundation. The Foundation will challenge those who want to serve their community/those in need as Scott did.