Marine Major Doug Zembiec

Major Douglas Alexander Zembiec (April 14, 1973 - May 11, 2007), the "Lion of Fallujah" and also referred to as the "Unapologetic Warrior" was an officer in the United States Marine Corps who was killed in action while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He is best known for his actions during Operation Vigilant Resolve, which were detailed in the book No True Glory: A Front-line Account of the Battle of Fallujah by Bing West and for an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal following his death.

Army Captain Scott Corwin

Mr. Yawor presented the painting of Scott's dad while visiting his home in Hopewell.

"Mr. Yawor is truly doing God's work, and the families he has touched by doing this are overwhelmed by his talents he uses to honor those who have served and given themselves for our country."


Greg Corwin

Marine Corporal Ryan Lane

Ryan was in the Marine Corps for 7 years and did 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan. Ryan denied a promotion to Staff Sergeant in order to stay with his Marines for the 2nd deployment. It was during his 2nd deployment on July 23, 2009 that Ryan lost his life fighting for our country.

Ryan loved life and all it had to offer. When I received my painting I was overwhelmed on how much Mr. Yawor captured the glimpse in Ryan's eyes and it reminded me of how much he really did love life.

I really felt his spirit in the painting and it brought back a lot of fond memories we had together and I am forever grateful to Mr. Yawor for that and for honoring our hero.


Valerie LaneĀ 

Army SPC Mathew Taylor

Mr.Yawor has done something for my family and I that is so special that words will never be able to express how much it has and will always mean to us. It is one of the most beautiful things that we have received in Honor of my son, Mathew.

Everytime I look at it I feel Mathew is really with me. Mr. Yawor did this portrait from a photograph that I sent him and it looks even better than the photo. I can say that he is doing something for all of us who have lost our loved ones that we all will keep close to our hearts.

Thank you Mr Yawor for doing this for all of us as it has helped me in the recovery of my loss.




  • Marine Major Doug Zembiec
  • Army Captain Scott Corwin
  • Marine Corporal Ryan Lane
  • Army SPC Mathew Taylor

Portraits for the Fallen

Portraits for the Fallen

If you are a family of a Fallen Hero and would like a portrait, please email the Captain Scott Corwin Foundation on the contact page.


Portraits for the Fallen